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House of Larréon “Diva Hiver” Handmade Patchwork Knit Hat #2

Sorry! Hat #2 is SOLD!! Please shop our other hi-end hats! And how about our deluxe patchwork winter scarves?  $50 discount ends after Halloween!

This hi-end “cold weather couture” knit ski cap is made entirely from salvaged and up cycled knit materials sourced from various places including St. Louis’ innovative design house, SKIF International, Tommy Hilfiger, grandma, and other sources. The pieces are lovingly stitched together by hand using vintage yarn of various fiber contents then hand-embroidered with the Larréon signature using vintage crewel yarn for your pleasure and flagrant label-flaunting.

The hat is basically one size fits all.  If you have an extraordinarily large or small head, however, the fit might not be perfect.  Measurements when laying flat are approximately 10″ tall and 11″ wide at the brim (22″ around).

This pieces that compose this hat are a multicolored wool and elastic blend from SKIF, a pink, maroon, and white striped elastic knit wrist cuff, a navy and light blue wool blend knit, and a piece of a red acrylic knit Tommy Hilfiger sample.

Note- this hat is made entirely by hand with salvaged and upcycled materials.  Any irregularities are intentional,  deliberate elements of its design. Handle with care. Dry clean only.

If you have any questions, please contact me before making your purchase, and I will be happy to send more pictures or help you in any way.  Thank you!