One-of-a-Kind House of Larréon Patchwork Couture Necktie (Tie #11)



To make a One-of-a-Kind House of Larréon Patchwork Couture Necktie, I meticulously dissect and reassemble vintage neckties, then hand-embroider their joining  seams with 100% silk thread.  Only after each newly assembled, embroidered tie passes the most scrutinizing inspection by the House of Larréon Couture Cuality Control Crüe (or the “HOL C to the 4th Power”), do I then lovingly brand each unique tie with the House of Larréon label.

This tie is made from 2 Dacron and tetrylene (synthetic) ties from the 50’s or 60’s.

This tie is 62″ long and 3″ wide at its widest point.