Women’s Larry Krone Tastee Face Tee


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Look at this beautiful T-Shirt!!

Yes!  I silkscreened it by hand.

Yes!  It is 100% cotton.

Yes!  This is definitely a women’s styled t-shirt.  The sleeves are a little short, there is a modest scoop to the neck, and it tapers in a little bit at the waist.

Yes!  It is true to size.. possibly running a little bit large.

I do these in small batches and make my color & style choices based on inks and t-shirts that are available at the time, so if you like it, you better buy it now, because it may not ever be available exactly like this ever again!

Also, since I do print these by hand, each one is different & could have slight variations.  That’s what makes it special!

Quantities are limited, so to be sure that you don’t pay for something that I don’t have in stock, I’ve set it up so that you can only buy one shirt at a time per order.  If you think you want more than one of a certain size and style, please contact me before you place your order, and I can tell you exactly what I have in stock and available.  That way you don’t end up being charged full shipping for each t-shirt separately.

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Weight 0.3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 2 in