Love is in the Air (Mt. Rundle, Banff) *A Fine Art Original!*


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My original fine, fine art for sale here in my website shop? Why not?

I have selected some pieces from various bodies of my work that seems to me can be represented well in this format and are sized/priced on the smaller/lower ends of the spectrum compared to the rest of my work. I hope that this will fill the desperate need of my public to fill their souls and homes with certified LKO’s (Larry Krone Originals) made by hand with thought and love by me.

*BONUS! Every LKO purchased comes with its own official signed, stamped, stickered, and numbered “Welcome to My World” CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY!*

  • Love is in the Air (Mt. Rundle, Banff)
  • 1997
  • Ink on vintage printed postcard
  • 5.5 x 3.5”

My Love is in the Air series is an ongoing body of work I began in 1993 with the mission of covering the entire sky with the words AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. I write the words repeatedly in pen on any picture that I can find that features a beautiful sky, meticulously filling in small spaces made by trees, buildings, and clouds in the foreground. My materials are generally stock photos and mass-produced prints such as post cards, posters, placards, and pages from in flight and tourist magazines. For some pieces, I create a patchwork background of collaged sky images all taken from the same magazine. By using Dolly Parton song lyrics and arguably trite images of blue skies, clouds, and sunsets on cheap paper—all common images and materials found, not created, by me—I hope to illustrate that the things around us that may not seem to have high value can yet have the potential to arouse our deepest emotions.

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