Official Larry Krone Souvenir Bandana Print Pocket Square



Official Larry Krone Souvenir Bandana Print Pocket Square!

This 12″ 100% cotton silkscreened pocket square will enhance any blazer with a sassy pop of down-home country style!

You could also use it to decorate your dresser or boudoir or even hang it on the wall!

The 2-color silkscreen print was made in 1998 from 2 hand drawn designs that incorporate my personal motto, “the right time; the right place; the right body; the right face,” taken from Patty Loveless’ hit song “Timber, I’m Falling in Love”.  Look closely, and you’ll find the words hidden in the corners of the design in mirror-imaged cursive writing.

I created this design to produce bandanas & t-shirts to sell at my first solo museum show “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” and its accompanying performance “Love Can Build A Bridge” at the Forum for Contemporary Art (now, simply the “Contemporary”) in St. Louis. This particular batch was misprinted too small, leaving a huge border of red on a regular-sized bandana.  I’ve sat on them until now when I decided to cut them down & hem them into these cute little minis.

Please enjoy at the pocketbook-friendly price of $20!