1998: The Year in Art

Though I was initially skeptical, Larry Krone’s To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before completely disarmed me. It definitely ranks as one of the artistic high points of 1998. To all the people who haven’t seen it yet, go now — it’s up until Jan. 9 at the Forum for Contemporary Art. Krone’s work is a paean to love and loss, delivered in the medium of country music, the lyrics to which are written out in his own hair. It could have been smug and condescending, but it isn’t. Instead, it’s as witty, poignant and — forgive me — genuine as the songs Krone draws on. Thinking back, I’m afraid my original review of the show failed to communicate the sheer visual beauty of these love letters written in hair, the delicacy of the line and color. Give it a very close look.

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Originally published by Riverfront Times Dec 30, 1998
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