“Forget my Name” lyrics

Forget my Name

© 2012 Larry Krone


Oh, take me away

And forget my name

Erase all the misery behind me

Goodbye to those I love

And the rest of ‘em

Take me to a place they’ll never find me


Please heed this request

For I have failed life’s test

I’m not strong enough to take its pain

No more a lofty goal

Just a place for tender souls

To live in peaceful lands beyond the rain


Let me start again

Before I had a friend

Put me on that road to travel far

Oh, no one to die

And no one to make cry

And no one close enough to break my heart


Oh no, please let me go

This world that we’re in is so hard to understand

OK, we’ll see a brighter day

But I need to go alone, so let go of my hand


Oh, when we say goodbye

It’s the last time we will cry

The story of our love in one last moment

You’ll see me growing small

Then away from you I’ll fall

And by the time I’m gone you’ll have forgotten


By the I’m gone we’ll have forgotten