“Hard to Live” lyrics

Hard to Live
©2006 Larry Krone

It’s hard to live
When all you have to give
Is used in just getting by

And it’s hard to find
Any peace of mind
When the only thing that helps you is to cry

It’s hard to love
When the money’s not enough
To pay the rent

And it’s hard to feel
That what you do is real
When there’s always something there that’s more important

But you know that no one can help
Everyone needs to take care of themselves
And you know it’s because they’re just as sad
And life for them is just as bad

It’s hard to be
Without jealousy
When you see that some folks have it all

And it’s hard to know
When to let it show
That the world all around makes you feel small

I’d love to turn this hard life
To something nice
Do something to make my family proud

But it’s hard, it’s hard
It’s hard
I don’t know how