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April 22, 2015



Photo by Tammy Shell

Well, the Look Book Benefit has come and gone! What a night!!! My family band played while the Western wear walked; Champagne Jerry rocked n’ rapped while the Hip Hop fashions running-manned; then the signature Oh! Couture gowns sashayed right up to the grand finale of Bridget Everett and the Tender Moments bringing down the House of Larréon as only they could do! Murray Hill emceed and pulled some high bids for the auction items out of the fabulous audience, and there was even a mad, frenzied fannypack sale, all resulting in more than $10,000 raised to pay for printing the book!!

Check out the lush and lustrous, glittery and glamorous photo album of the event composed of Look Book contributer Kevin Yatarola and Public Theater photographer Tammy Shell’s spectacular photos! Can you believe those models?? I have a thrilling secret: they are my friends!


I’ve also been getting lots of great House of Larréon press! Wayne Northcross wrote a smart piece for the New York Observer focusing mostly on my western menswear and performance work. Curtis Wong interviewed me for the Huffington Post about the House of Larréon and New York’s downtown scene and nightlife. And Out Magazine posted a great teaser promo for the Look Book. Where will House of Larréon pop up next??

So now life begins! The book is almost finished, and now Bruce Burton, the book’s designer, and I can finish it up knowing that we can send it off to the printer with enough money to pay for it!

In the meantime, prick up your eyes and keep your ears peeled, because I have some music to make and some art to show, and I want you to know about it!

photo by Kevin Yatarola

The Terry Radigan Roundup is happening this Sunday in Park Slope! After all of the orchestrating and facilitating I’ve been doing with the benefit, I cannot wait to just stand in front of some drunks and sing a few of my own songs! It’s in a bar, and it’s free. Do those two things make anyone else tremble with delight the way they do me? Here are the details:

The show is at the Twelfth Street Bar & Grill at 1123 8th Ave in Park Slope and starts at 7:00. There is a country/singer/songwriter slant to the evening (surprise!). Five different singers will perform, including Terry and me. The lineup will include Bob Jones, Scott Barkan, and Kira Velella. Everyone is supposed to be GREAT! And IT’S FREE!!

Mean Vicious Wild

Next up for me will be my show at Whitebox ATX as part of the West Austin Studio Tour in Austin, Texas May 9 – 17 with a performance (special guest Jim Andralis!) on May 16th. This will be my Texas debut. I’m crossing my fingers that the real cowboys don’t run me out of town!

photo by Todd Oldham

June 21st I’ll be doing a full Larry Krone and Family musical revue in the City Streets of New York! Joe’s Pub is participating in the Make Music New York festival with a stage set up right on Astor Place between Lafayette and Broadway, and they are putting me on it! Stay tuned for more details. I think I’ll be going on at around 6:00 pm.

Next, look out for me in Provincetown sometime between September 14 – 21, because that’s when I’ll be performing in Quinn Cox & John Cameron Mitchell’s Afterglow Festival, a fantastic week-long gathering of stage artists large and small. I’m so excited to go to Provincetown for the first time! Do you think they like rhinestones and wigs there?

“Well, that sure is a lot of music, Krone. How about the art??” Well, October 2nd, my show The Best Best Everything opens at the Sheldon Art Galleries in St. Louis. This has turned into a monumental one for me with the majority of my newest work being shipped right over the Mississippi River, through the Gateway Arch, and on into the city from whence I came.   My most precious creation “Then and Now (Cape Collaboration)” will be the centerpiece of the show.

Then and Now (Cape Collaboration)

“The Cape” will be joined by my newest in Mylar and found craft projects as well as a reunion of many works on paper gathered from collections around St. Louis. There is also talk of a performance to benefit The Sheldon Galleries. Stay tuned for news on that!

At the same time as the Sheldon show, I’ll have a concurrent exposition of masterpieces at the brand new projects+gallery. It’s an exciting new space that strives to blur the boundaries of traditionally understood artistic disciplines and practices, which is about my favorite thing to do. Details on that show TBA.

photo by Kevin Yatarola

Lastly (for now), just this week I had my first meeting with the outrageously brilliant and talented Neal Medlyn a.k.a. Champagne Jerry to discuss my work on his upcoming project The Champagne Room to be presented at New York Live Arts in March, 2016. This will be the 3rd major project of Neal’s that I’ll be involved with – the zillionth if you include everything we always do all the time. I can’t wait! I’ll be designing the set, which doesn’t begin to describe how thrilling and terrifying the project will be. We are talking LARGE SCALE (again) with some crazy stuff in store. Just wait!

Thank you for reading this and for being at least a little bit interested my stuff. I appreciate it tons!

Hamburg, 2002

Love, Larry.s

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