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June 20, 2016



 House of Larréon Patchwork T-shirt

Welcome to the special LARRY KRONE SHOP issue of my newsletter and website homepage infotainment text piece!

With Look Book and various set, costume, and custom Larréon commissions occupying most of my time these past few months,  the commercial part of my “practice” has all but taken over! Hey, why not embrace this part and go all the way commersh while I get back to work on the fine art branch of Larry Krone Enterprises?  I have stocked up my SHOP with as many affordable masterpieces as it can hold – AND I AM OFFERING THOSE MASTERPIECES TO YOU FOR MONEY!

How about one of my signature Dr. Larréonstein’s Monster Tees for you this summer?? They are only $50 and are perfect for bringing a high fashion twist to even the most casual of affairs!

Metallica Keys

Feeling fancy? How about this 100% hand-sewn, embroidered, and Swarovski crystalized Patchwork Couture Justin Bieber Larréonstein dress? The sides scrunch up and lengthen to suit any desire. And yes, those are real feathers!! $750 cheap!

House of Larréon Patchwork Dress

Best yet, for only $10, I have 2 ways that you can Larréonize any jacket, shirt, or bag – with an official House of Larréon patch!

 Larreon Patch

These beautiful machine-embroidered Larréon name patches can go on anything! Pin or sew one on a jacket to achieve a high-end gas station attendant look! Or apply to your bag or fannypack to let the world know that you were there when Bridget & Larry changed the world with the reintroduction of this practical yet editorial fashion accessory into the high fashion world!

Or, for a more punky-grunge effect, try one of my hand-screened “I’m a Larréon Girl” jersey patches! I designed them to be pinned over existing logos on free tote bags (do you have as many of those as I do??), but I have discovered that they also look cool pinned onto the back of a jeans jacket or just about anything!

Larréon Girl Punky Patches

There’s tons more in the store, so please browse and enjoy!

While you are looking around, please check out new photos all over the site, particularly in the HOUSE OF LARRÉON AND MORE, COSTUME & SET AND GRAPHIC DESIGN PROJECTS, and MUSIC TO YOUR EYES departments!

I’ll report back soon to report more about the other goings on in my “career,” but for now please enjoy your shopping experience. It is our pleasure to serve you.

Oh, one thing! If you are in Chicago, please come see David Clement, Jim Andralis, and me perform at Big Chicks bar on July 19 at 7:30. It’s going to be great!!

Oh, and one more! If you want to know what I may be up to in various locales, you can look for me on the Portable MacDowell site! It’s a site for all MacDowell Colony fellows to post their exhibits, readings, and performances, so even if I’m not doing anything of interest, you are bound to find something!

Last thing! If you are in Providence, Rhode Island, please go by the beautiful RISD WORKS Museum Store and pick up a Look Book if you don’t already have one! And while you are there, check out Todd Oldham’s great show, All of Everything!

Thank you for reading this and for being at least a little bit interested my stuff. I appreciate it tons!

Love, Larry.s

And by the way, this site was designed and made by Matt Fisher. Don’t you want one like it?  Hire him!!

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