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January 18, 2014

Yoo Hoo! Here I am!!

Joe's Pub January 5, 2014
Joe’s Pub January 5, 2014

Thank you to the Academy, the Hollywood Foreign Press, my friends & family, my fiancé, and my nieces and nephews (hey it’s past your bedtimes. Go to bed!). I’ve been honored, blessed, AND humbled to receive the award of these past few months being so great!  They have been full of activity and opportunity and have had me modeling my many different hats:  I’ve worn them in succession, rotation, and sometimes even all at once.   And to think, I never even considered myself a hat person!

HAT #1 is kind of a beret but more like the kind Christopher Columbus wore mixed with that straw hat made popular by Van Gogh: my fine artist hat!

Larry Krone: Together Again at Pierogi November 15, 2013 - January 5, 2014
Larry Krone: Together Again at Pierogi
November 15, 2013 – January 5, 2014

My show “Larry Krone: Together Again” opened on November 15th and was extended to January 5th. We had great attendance, such wonderful feedback, and a nice piece about the show and me by Jane Harris in Art in America.

If you missed the show, you can see some lovely photos of the installation and some individual pieces on the Pierogi website.

Now I am back in the studio working & applying for grants and residencies, but in the meantime, a great show is up at the Leslie- Lohman Museum, and I have a piece in it.

Then and Now (Rainbow Order)
Then and Now (Rainbow Order)

The show is called “Queer Threads: Crafting Identity and Community” and is curated by John Chaich. I’m happy to say that this is the second queer-themed show of John’s that I’ve been in. Generally speaking, my work is about the complex layers of identity and connections made among and outside of those layers. My own identity includes “queerness,” but I rarely address it specifically or in any kind of political way in my work. I love being included in this group and having the opportunity to contextualize my work this way and participate in such an important dialogue.

The show is up January 17 – March 16, 2014

Queer Thread Invite

I will be at the museum February 20 with a few of the other artists giving a walkthrough tour/artist’s talk. If you’d like to go, you can reserve your spot though the Leslie-Lohman site.

HAT #2 is a cowboy hat, plain and simple. (That is, if you consider appliqued lamé stars and Swarovski crystals plain and simple.) This is my performing hat and I wore it with pride on January 5th at my show “Larry Krone and Family: Together Again” at Joe’s Pub. This show was a dream come true… a real stage with lights & a sound system, my talented friends and family to back me up, and I even got paid. It was kind of like this:

Cinco De Frisco

only nothing like that. It was more like THIS:

Joe's Pub January 5, 2014

Jane Harris wrote a nice blog entry about the show complete with photos.

You can see more of the gorgeous pictures taken by Kevin Yatarola by clicking HERE!

And a video of one of the songs I performed HERE!

Also, look in HERE for images of the program I made for the show. It’s real cute.

HAT #3 is really more of a ‘do-rag. You know, a bandana kind of thing tied in the front to hold my hair out of my face while I draft, plan, and sew? This is my House of Larréon/design hat, and let me tell you, this sucker is getting more wear than I would have ever imagined!

First of all, the American Realness Festival presented 2 shows that were costumed by HOL: Neal Medlyn’s “King” and Adrienne Truscott’s “…too freedom…”. Second of all, our Oh! Couture department has been humming with activity ever since the Fall!

House of Larréon muse, Bridget Everett was divine in her Larréon as a featured guest in Patti LuPone’s show at Carnegie Hall November 7th. “Flutterz n’ Flowz” fluttered and flowed into the hearts of Patti and all in attendance!

Bridget Everett with Scott Wittman and Patti LuPone at Carnegie Hall

In other Bridger news, the video production team 365GUY.NET has made Bridget Everett and the Tender Moments’ first music video!  

What I Gotta Do

“What I Gotta Do” debuts on January 29 at that night’s show at Joe’s Pub!  This gorgeous, rockin’, sexy, hysterical video features Bridget in full Larréon splendor.  She wears a reworking of our iconic Red Titty Top in a new little number we’re calling the RTM (Red Titty Mini), and showcases a debut of Larréon’s own: our House of Larréon Le Sac Du Fanny.  

Le Sac Du Fanny

It’s a prototype, but based on the response we’ve been getting, it’s bound to go into production any day now!

Did you know that House of Larréon outfits other rock stars besides Bridget Everett? Kathleen Hanna, shero of stage, song, the written word, and everything else was recognized by The Feminist Press at their annual gala. What else would one wear to such an event other than their custom House of Larréon Oh! Couture creation “Battlestar Attractica”?  Here we are together on that special night:

Battlestar Attractica Feminist Press 2013

Check out Kathleen’s band The Julie Ruin if you haven’t already!

In other House of Larréon news, the postcard sets are all assembled and stacked up neatly on the atelier shelves, waiting for your order.  Once these are gone, that’s it, so don’t delay!  Buy today!

Speaking of buying, how about a Larry Krone t-shirt for you or anyone you know who likes to look sexy and cute?  I just stocked the store with what I’ve got. $20 cheap!  Limited sizes available!

Thanks for visiting my site. Have a great day!

Love, Larry2-w

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