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February 11, 2015



Do I look like Burt Reynolds here?

It is long past time that I write something new on this page! And what better moment than now, when I have such an exciting announcement:

We are finished with all of the major photography for the House of Larréon/Larry Krone BRAND Look Book! I’m already missing those crazy days at Todd OIdham Central surrounded by Todd, Tony, Presley, Greg, Hillary, Yoshi, Frances, whatever superstar friends were modeling on a particular day, and a crazy craft services spread scrapped together from the Stage Door Deli downstairs. There is no time to get sentimental just yet, though! Right now Bruce Burton is in St. Louis laying out and designing the book while I make selections from Kevin Yatarola’s fantastic concert photos, solicit and compile celebrity testimonials, write my own little essay, go through my snapshots from private fittings, and…what else? OH YEAH, THROW THE MOST KICK-ASS BENEFIT GALA THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!!

April 14th, 2015! Joe's Pub!  Be there!

Please buy a ticket to the House of Larréon Look Book Benefit Concert, Fashion Show, and Live Auction at Joe’s Pub Tuesday, April 14th at 9:30!

$100 gets you the greatest night of your life: performances by Bridget Everett, Champagne Jerry, and Larry Krone & Family plus a fashion show of downtown superstars wearing the revealing yet tasteless fashions that have made House of Larréon the household name that it is today!

$250 gets you VIP status and all of this:


Not only that, our host and emcee, Mr. Murray Hill will be auctioning off some once in a lifetime totally unique prize packages:

Would you like to attend a real fitting with Bridget Everett at the actual House of Larréon complete with a Chardonnay cocktail hour leading into a family-style dinner cooked just for you by my husband Jim? BID ON IT!

How about your own custom House of Larréon garment made just for you the Larréon way? BID ON IT!

Want to get to know Champagne Jerry and the Champagne Club a little better via a special package still in development? BID ON IT!

We have a fitness package from Mark Fisher Fitness, some special stuff from Todd OIdham, a David Levinthal photograph, a romantic night at Joe’s Pub—all available on April 14th for you to BID ON!

OK, I’ve done my job here. All the rest of the information that you might need is on the Joe’s Pub event page.

Speaking of Joe’s Pub, did you know that I am an Artist-in-Residence there? I just love that place from the inside out. More on my residency soon!

Speaking of things, House of Larréon has been busy as anything! We recently designed a very special garment for the beautiful and super-talented singer/songwriter Dawn Landes to debut on Valentine’s Day at Lincoln Center’s Appel Room as part of their American Songbook series. We’re calling her new Larréon the “Landescape,” which is a very clever name for what it is, trust me.  I can’t show it to you until V-Day, but here is a peek at the label surrounded by signature Larréon sparkle:

Landescape Label

Speaking of Larréon (still!), Bridget Everett was recently on the Late Late Show starring Whitney Cummings for two nights in a row. (Watch this video, too!Not only was Bridget wearing her Larréons “Let’s Give Ombré a Chance” and “Blue Titty Bottoms,” but she caused a veritable frenzy among at least 5 people who all of a sudden NEED a House of Larréon fannypack because it looked so great on the boob tube. Or maybe it was because I posted this picture on Instagram:

photo by Todd Oldham
photo by Todd Oldham

Whatever the reason, hold onto your House of Larréon sun hats, because I am in the process of producing actual House of Larréon fashion accessories that will be available in exchange for real money! Watch this website for the release of the fannypacks. No two will be alike, so get those claws out and prepare to scratch your way to the best ones!

Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder coming to Comedy Central soon!

“What is that?” you ask, “House of Larréon on TV?”  “Yes,” is the answer.  How about a whole TV special that has the House of Larréon stamp all over it? Does that count? Stay tuned for the release of “Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder,” Bridget’s Comedy Central special that was filmed in New York this past December. The real reason to watch it, of course, is to see the masterful glory that is Bridget Everett, but if you feel like it, now and then see if you don’t notice the fancy new wardrobe of stage gowns we whipped up for her over here at HOL plus the influence we had as creative consultants on the wardrobe & set for the opening and closing sketches (which were creatively and expertly done, in fact, by the supertalented Vicky Farrell and Katie Akana respectively).

Now you are asking yourselves something that I have been asking that funny-looking guy in the mirror whose face is obscured by the word “beer” written using his own hair a lot lately: “Didn’t Larry Krone used to be a visual artist who showed in galleries & stuff?”

Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer

YES, AND I STILL AM!! Thank heavens there are some people out there who remember that about me while I wrap up this super-intensified push to get this book made before I am free to get back to making more masterpieces in the studio! Here are two places where I will be exhibiting my work relatively soon:

White Box ATX is a great little gallery run by artist/photographer Christa Blackwood in Austin, Texas. Look out for my solo show there May 9 -17 with an accompanying performance of some sort on the weekend of May 16th!

And planning has begun on my solo show at the Sheldon Art Galleries in St. Louis. “The Best Best Everything” will open October 2, 2015 and feature mostly my “Then and Now” series including the CAPE!

Then and Now (Cape Collaboration)

Lastly, some great things have been happening in my family! My husband Jim Andralis has been recording an album of his own songs, and it is almost finished. I have had the pleasure of hearing all of the songs every step of the way and even singing on a few of them. Get ready, world, because when this thing drops, you will lose your minds. The songs are so beautiful, and what Jim has been achieving in the studio with Tom Beaujour and Tim Foljahn at Hoboken’s Nuthouse Recording is some of the best music you will ever hear.  Here’s a picture of us performing some of that music the other night at Union Hall in Brooklyn:

photo by David Clement
photo by David Clement

I also want to let everyone know about my sister Janet Krone Kennedy’s new book, The Good Sleeper: The Essential Guide to Sleep for Your Baby – and You. It’s been getting all kinds of great reviews and has already made it onto Brain Child’s top 10 list. Everyone is saying that it’s an instant classic and basically one of those essential books that all parents must have. Everyone also says that it’s a good read and easy to navigate. I say that, too—I just finished reading it myself!

Well, I think this wins the prize for my longest home page letter.  Sorry about that, everybody!

Thank you for visiting my website, and always remember what Carole Lombard said (I paraphrase): “That ‘e’ made the whole fuckin’ difference.”

Love, Larry.s

And by the way, this site was designed and made by Matt Fisher. Don’t you want one like it?  Hire him!!  

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