Home Page letter #1


September 29, 2013

I am so excited to be writing you a letter on my beautiful new website!!  It’s been years since I’ve had a functional one & now I feel like a brand new modern man!

I tried to keep the site very simple and easy to navigate.  I really loved my old one (before it revolted & stopped letting me update it), so I asked my friend, artist and web designer Matt Fisher http://www.mattfisherstudio.com/ to use that as a model, but to bring it up to date with better image viewing and more options for me to update files and keep the world informed about my artistic life as it constantly changes and hopefully improves.  There is also a store where you can shop for Larry Krone and House of Larréon souvenirs plus the limited edition prints and multiples I like so much to make.[The store is not ready quite yet, but I hope to get it going very soon.]

I have spent hours and hours adding all of the photos and other files you can see here.  I haven’t yet gotten to label them all with the details you might be interested in, but I’ll get to that soon, too.  Until I do, if you see something you have a question about, don’t hesitate to comment on that image or email me directly or through the site.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  I have some shit going on!!

This just came out today, for one thing:  http://www.artslant.com/ny/artists/rackroom/25623-larry-krone  It’s an interview with my old friend Bradley Rubenstein about my work in general and specifically what I have planned for my solo show coming up at Pierogi this November 15 – December 22. [Here’s a link to Pierogi, although there isn’t much about me on there yet. http://www.pierogi2000.com/]

Did I mention that my solo show, Larry Krone: Together Again is coming up at Pierogi?

Larry Krone: Together Again November 15 - December 22, 2013 at Pierogi, Brooklyn

This is it!  It’s the exhibition debut of “Then and Now (Cape Collaboration),” the piece with which I tortured myself and everyone around me for the 2 ½ years it took me to make.  The show will also be jam packed with accompanying work including the early caveman baby versions of the cape’s concept—collaboration and celebration of the complexities of human identity—as expressed through assemblages of crocheted potholders, my latch hooked hay bales, sequin-encrusted wall-hangings, and maybe even one or two of my world famous altered mirrors.  There are pictures of a lot of this work in the FINE ART MASTERPIECES link above if you want a little preview.  I am very excited about this show!!  Please come!

I am also excited to announce that two shows are opening soon for which I have designed the costumes!  There is the amazing Neal Medlyn’s “King” opening at The Kitchen on October 23rdhttp://www.thekitchen.org/event/neal-medlyn-king  And there is the incredible Bridget Everett’s “Rock Bottom” opening at Joe’s Pub October 28th http://www.joespub.com/component/option,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,40/prod_no,22939.  I have pulled out all the stops making the costumes for these shows, so I really hope some of you get to see them.  Here are a couple tantalizing teasers that might sway you: 1) The jacket I made for “King” weighs 10 pounds, and that is light compared to the cape!   2) The yardage of tulle I’m ruffling up for one of Bridget’s looks, when stretched out, could wrap around the statue of Liberty 5 times!*

Also in the news is the House of Larréon Look Book that I’ve been working on since June with a super-talented team of designers & creative people.   Due out in early 2014, it will be a gorgeous art book celebrating my costume and fashion work from1997 thru the present day.  Profits from the book will go to a great charity we have selected.  As a sneak peek enticement and fundraising for the printing of the book, we will be selling signed and numbered limited edition postcard sets at the Pierogi opening on November 15.  Come buy a set or 2 in time for the holidays!  They will also be available at Bridget Everett’s shows, in my online “shop” on this site, and maybe even in some stores.  Stay tuned.  Click on  LOOK BOOK above to learn more about the Look Book and House of Larréon.

Hey, I’m also playing a gig with my songwriters group!  October 13, Jim Andralis, Amy Bezunartea, David Clement, Bridget Everett, Jennifer O’Connor, and I will be performing our newest songs written for our monthly songwriters’ night.  The show is 7:30pm at Scratcher, 209 East 5th Street.

I’ll also be doing a full on Larry Krone and Family gig to go with Together Again sometime in November or December, but I don’t have the specifics yet.  Stay tuned for that.

One more thing: buy Bridget Everett’s new CD, POUND IT! Buy it for many reasons, but 2 are that I sing and play the ukelele on one song, and I designed the CD & cover!

I’m sorry for how long this letter is.  I’m JUST!  SO!  EXCITED!!

*The tulle statistic is a rough estimation.

Love, Larry2-w