“House of Larréon: The Fabulous Fashion of Larry Krone” Out Magazine, April 20, 2015

OUT Magazine

April 20, 2015

House of Larréon: The Fabulous Fashion of Larry Krone

A fixture of the Downtown New York performance scene, Larry Krone is best known as Bridget Everett’s costume designer. Together they created House of Larréon, a couture label with extraordinary gowns and tear-aways worthy of Everett’s beavertails –and the big heart beneath. But Krone is also a bona fide visual artist, often performing with his husband Jim Andralis, and designing campy western wear under the label Larry Krone Brand. This fall, Krone will launch LOOK BOOK, a glossy coffee table book compiling the best of his sartorial creations, worn by his muses, and photographed by Todd Oldham. Click through for a sneak peek.