“I Love You Again” lyrics

I Love You Again

© 2013 Larry Krone


Oh, I’ve got something on my mind

I need to call my man

I hope I can catch him before he turns his ringer off

So I can tell him I love you again


Sitting here alone it overwhelms me

It’s a feeling I have to share

I know I just told him ten minutes ago

But I don’t care


It’s hard to believe those words can come from me

I didn’t have the practice growing up

But maybe that explains why today I can’t refrain

It’s one of my favorite parts of being in love


I remember the first time that I said it

We were in bed

And I want to feel that feeling again and again


Uh oh, another wave is coming over me

The phone’s already in my hand

He’s probably asleep, so I’ll just tell his machine

Oh Baby, I love you again


As corny as it seems

In all sincerity

Oh Baby I love you again