“Keep it Inside” lyrics

Keep it Inside

©2011 Larry Krone


Sweet sixteen

And I just learned how to drive

Combined with all the drinking

It’s a wonder I’m still alive


Holly is a girl

I met through Mark

Standing around drinking

Hanging out in the park


Now Heather’s another story

I guess you ought to know

I used to kind of date her

But she told everyone I’m too slow


And Heather and Holly

Are stuck like glue

So to get to know Holly better

I have to hang out with Heather, too


Well, it’s fun to be a young man

That I can’t deny

But things that happen

Can make you want to cry


You think you’re so strong

And you act real tough

But someday that dam will break

When the right one calls your bluff


So I keep it inside

Close the door

Losing my shit tonight

Is a luxury I can’t afford

So I brace myself for what’s in store

Playing guitar, drinking beer, trying not to show any fear

Out of control, looking for fun, hanging out, falling in love

I can’t really tell you why

But I keep it inside


We go to Holly’s house

And her parents are gone

Her older brother’s with his buddies

Smoking bongs


We hang out in the kitchen

Playing quarters with gin

Holly swallows the quarter

Then we play with it again


Heather’s getting nasty

Drunk and mean

Holly’s brother is really stoned

And starting to make a scene


Picking on Holly

Just family stuff I guess

But the look that Holly gives me

Says S.O.S.


Suddenly it starts to rain

And we jump up from our chairs

Me and Holly

Got to get out of there


Goodbye to Heather

And the perils inside

We need to run out of that place

And leave it all behind


Keep it inside

Just slam the door

We’ve got the whole damn rest of our lives

To think about what’s in store

But tonight just for us there’s a summer storm

Take my hand, kick off your shoes, we’ve got a lot of kissing to do

Open the door, let’s go outside, out in the rain, just for a while

We’re gonna leave the world behind

And keep it inside


Out there in the rainstorm

We lie together in the street

Making out in the river

Of water and leaves


I don’t remember

How the kissing ends

But I’ll always remember Holly

And I’ll never see her again