Phyllis Braff, The New York Times, April 27, 2000

“Representing” Investigates Provocative Images

Designed as a project that would allow high school students to work with two guest curators, Katherine Gass and Ingrid Schaffner, this theme show investigates provocative art images, develops a
contemporary analytical sensibility, and brings to the Parrish a broad range of pieces by a number of major artists as it fleshes out the exhibition’s subtitle, ”A Show of Identities.”

The exhibition’s title derives from the language of youth culture, in which the word representing means showing what you stand for. It is not surprising that figures in many selections appear to be posturing or somehow giving overt signals. In some of the more complicated examples, photographs by Cindy Sherman, Alix Lambert and Larry Krone, the costumed artist is assuming an adopted role. Among works that are more direct psychological probings, Eve Fowler’s color photograph of a female participant in a traditional male sport is particularly striking.

Parrish Art Museum,
25 Job’s Lane, Southampton.
Through April 27

The New York Times
April 27, 2000
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