Holland Cotter, The New York Times, Sept 23, 1994

Selections Fall ’94, The Drawing Center

It is possible to see this attractive show of installation-size works on paper by four young artists as being about the traditional uses of drawing writ large, whether in the form the abstract expressive line, the geometric grid, the outline of the figure, or the written word.

Drawing’s potential for intimacy and self-revelation — perhaps it’s most appealing function — is nicely touched on in Larry Krone’s two contributions, each of which copies out the lyrics of a pop love song, with individual words placed on separate sheets of paper. No big deal, really, except that each word, “written” in classic if slightly shaky Palmer Method, is formed from a few strands of the artist’s hair: making drawing from the head as well as from the heart, in other words.

The Drawing Center
35 Wooster Street
Through Oct. 22

September 23, 1994
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