“So Young, So Bad” lyrics

So Young, So Bad

©2013 Larry Krone


Hello all you derelicts, this song goes out to you

You juvenile delinquents, gangsters and hoodlums, too

You’re living out your teenage dreams of living life too fast

You’re so young, so bad


You’re never home for dinner cause you’re always running wild

All that heavy petting isn’t right for just a child

Here’s my prediction: you’re gonna end up sad

So young, so bad


I hate to be the one to say

Be careful what you do

Some good for nothing bums grow up

But others never do

You’re giving lots of gray hairs to

Your mother and your dad

So young, so bad


Your schoolwork is suffering,  you’re always chewing gum

And drag racing is your idea of good clean fun

I’m worried that at this rate you won’t be a college grad

So young, so bad


Zip guns and brass knuckles are your favorite toys

What you’re calling music is what I consider noise

Your after school activity is to make people mad

So young, so bad


Your life is wrong, your hair’s too long

Your pants are way too tight

You’re scaring all the neighbors

Wearing sunglasses at night

And don’t you know that tattoos are gonna turn out to be a fad

So young, so bad


So put down that stiletto knife, crush out your cigarette

Please don’t slash that tire and stop hotwiring that Corvette

The road you’re on is leading you right straight to Alcatraz

So young, so bad

So young, so bad


You’re so young

And so bad!