“Take Me Back” lyrics

Take Me Back
copyright 2003
Larry Krone

I thought that I’d feel better
I don’t
I thought I’d find another
I won’t
I thought I could get over you
I can’t

Take me back
Take me back

I thought I should stay strong
I shouldn’t
I thought I’d move along
I wouldn’t
I thought I’d write a song
But I couldn’t

Take me back
Take me back

I thought we should break up
I thought I should be alone
But lately I’ve been thinking
I should just pick up the phone

I didn’t think I’d miss you
I do
I didn’t think my heart would ache
It does
I didn’t think I’d be in love
I am

I am

Take me back
That’s all I want
Take me back
Into your arms

If you take me back I’ll stop trying to be so smart
I won’t love you with my brain, I’ll love you with my heart
All I know is I was wrong and I want you to take me back
Take me back

Take me back