“Beyond Repair”

Beyond Repair
©2019 Larry Krone

Like a balloon that’s been burst

Or a fate that’s been cursed

A goose that’s been cooked

Or a soul overlooked

Like a priceless antique

That’s been dropped at our feet

You and I are beyond repair


Like a ship that’s been sailed

A Dear John already mailed

A big crack in a bell

A soufflé that fell

Like a chemical change

A 911 out of range

You and I are beyond repair

It’s not like me to concede

It’s in my nature to believe

But the only way to be free

Is to accept there’s no more you and me


Like an old chiffon gown

That’s all tattered and brown

Like a cheese that’s gone bad

Or a brain that’s gone mad

Like a farm that’s been sold

We’re an old broken road

That’s too broken to repair

Yes, you and I are beyond repair