“I Miss You (Little Liar)”

I Miss You (Little Liar) 

©2018 Larry Krone 


I didn’t know

That my secret showed

Everyone can see


I wish that it

Were the opposite

But I miss you

In my fantasy

You disappeared at sea

That you killed yourself

Is not a story that I tell

And even though I’ve tried

I haven’t really said goodbye

Because I miss you

I wish there was a way

To go back to the days

Before you died, so I could prepare 

To take in the good parts 

But not to lose my heart

To a man who’s not going to be there

Now the you I see

Is only in my dreams

Mysterious anagrams

You don’t know who I am

In memory’s foggy place

I can never see your face

But oh, oh

I miss you

Oh, qui êtes vous

Yeah, I miss you