“Don’t Mind Me (I’m Just Drunk)” lyrics

Don’t Mind Me (I’m Just Drunk)

©2011 Larry Krone


Don’t mind me

And my sensitivity

Everybody knows I’m just a punk

Can’t you see it’s not my fault?

So take it with a grain of salt

Don’t mind me, I’m just drunk


If I say I love you

Start crying, boo hoo hoo

Tell you sad stories of my youth

You know it could be true

That’s just what I do

But look out when I hit the hooch


In vino veritas

So the Latins say

Think that if you want

But I just want to play


Hey, what do you know?

I’m spending all my dough

And complimenting you on your hair

You better hold on to your socks

When the liquor talks

Suddenly I’m Mister Savoir Faire


I guess it could be so

In wine there is the truth

So I’ll show my softer side

And the liquor’s my excuse


Just don’t think twice

About why I’m being so nice

Don’t mind me, I’m just drunk (It’s just the liquor talking)

Don’t mind me, I’m just drunk (I never was that smooth)

Don’t mind me, I’m just drunk