“Ziegfeld Girl” lyrics

Ziegfeld Girl

©2011 Larry Krone


Arms stretched out

Dripping pearls

Look at you

Ziegfeld girl

A special tune

Played just for you

Ziegfeld girl


Floating up

Gliding down

Ziegfeld girl

Toast of the town

You’re the best

But watch your step

Ziegfeld girl



Department store

You worked the lift

Mr. Ziegfeld’s scout

Saw your gift


It’s not that hard

Once you’re there

Throw on some beads

Walk down the stairs


Living high

Sinking low

Have some gin

Before you go

Don’t have to think

Have another drink

Ziegfeld girl



Diamond rings

A hundred furs

Didn’t bring

This Follies curse

Change your name

But you’re still the same

Ziegfeld girl


One last time

Head held high

One last sashay

Before you die

Walk down the stairs

But this time no one cares…


Ziegfeld girl

How I hate to see you fall

Ziegfeld girl

They took your portrait off the wall

Ziegfeld girl

Always digging for gold

Ziegfeld girl

All it cost you was your soul


Flatbush bride

Raising ducks

Your Flatbush groom

Drives a 5 ton truck

It could have been

But now your story ends

Ziegfeld girl