“Heaven, USA” lyrics

Heaven USA
© 2006 Larry Krone

We’re driving
Leave the St. Louis heat behind us
For a couple of weeks
There won’t be anything to remind us
I’ve got summer camp behind me
Fourth grade coming up
I’ve got the window rolled down
In case I throw up
But I couldn’t feel better
No matter what you say
I’m on the road with my family
In Heaven, USA

Mom’s in the front seat
Me & David in the back
Janet’s in the way back
Taking a nap
The highway below us
The clouds up above
Everywhere I look
Is someone I love
Dad is driving
There’s cows on the right
Mom’s pouring coffee
So we can drive through the night
We’ve all got our pillows
And we’re eating our Jay’s
Five more hours to go
In Heaven, USA

Those days are far behind me
And my family’s moved apart
We still get together
But we don’t get there in a car
I wonder why that feeling
Is hitting me today
It feels a lot like being in love
In Heaven, USA

We’ve got New Jersey behind us
A four hour drive
Just seeing the New York skyline’s
Gonna make me feel alive
Jim’s on my left side
Full moon on my right
Dixie Chicks on the I-pod
Heartache’s on me tonight
We’re both drinking coffee
That’s been sitting too long
Now we’re singing with Chely
It’s the song
The dog’s in the back seat
Smelling up the car
But put it all together
And I love where we are
Hello to the city
Goodbye to the sea
We’re driving in-between them
Just Jim and me

In Heaven, USA
Heaven, USA