Titus Burgess & Friends Logo Marchez et Répétez Oversized Upcycled Fashion Tote #1!


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Titus Burgess & Friends Logo Marchez et Répétez Oversized Upcycled Fashion Tote #1!

“Marchez et Répétez” bags are made by House of Larréon for chic and sensible city living! Oversized and super-durable, they can handle everything us city gals are inclined to pick up in a day on the town. Great for traveling, too!

They are designed to last, with reinforced bottom seams, sailing bag corners, and an all-around-the-bottom strap design that will contain and support even the heaviest loads as you carry them around your city in style. The main materials are upcycled and vegan, so  enjoy with good conscience!

The durable, easy-care vinyl for this bag is upcycled from the step & repeat banner used at the release party for Titus Burgess Pinot Noir at 42West at the OUT Hotel in 2015. The print features logos for Titus Burgess Pinot Noir, Glaad, 42West, the OUT Hotel, and Langfelder Productions.

This is bigger than standard tote bags, measuring 17h x 24 x 8” (imagine those enormous blue plastic IKEA bags, only slightly less wide, and much more ruly & cute). It is made from light weight vinyl canvas that feels close to regular fabric. It has a matte finish and shows some wear from its use as a step and repeat banner.

Once this bag is gone, there will never be another one like it!